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'Right from the first session, Susan made me feel comfortable and safe; this enabled me to explore things which were raw, difficult and challenging. She helped me to see links between the different events and traumas in my life, how they had shaped me and how to set boundaries and regain control and confidence. I am extremely grateful that I stumbled across Susan, at a time when I really needed help most, and feel I now have a better understanding of how to move forward and have the strategies to do so'


'Susan is an amazing therapist. Highly professional, empathetic and skillful. She possesses an impressively varied therapy toolbox allowing her to truly tailor sessions to the situation and individual. I have been in awe of her ability to adapt her approach quickly and elegantly when our sessions developed in surprising directions.

Susan ensured I always felt safe in our sessions but would also challenge and test my thinking and feelings around the issues I sought help with. This flexibility in her style and her holistic approach to solutions ensured that I made the progress I needed to become whole again.'


"I have had many counsellors over the years, but Susan is by far the best counsellor I have ever had!! Working with Susan is the first time, in all these years, that I actually feel like I am making progress. She is excellent at helping me to see things from different perspectives and giving me the tools I need to make changes for the better.   She is incredibly patient and goes to great lengths to explain and break down the dynamics of interactions and dialogues and how different reactions to these can influence outcomes. This has helped to open my mind in a way I never thought possible and helped me to be more receptive to making the right changes and choices for me. Susan has guided me through a recent very difficult and emotional time for my physical and mental health. I know that I could not have made this journey without her help and support. I will never be able to thank Susan enough for what she has done for me and cannot recommend her highly enough."


"Susan helped me feel whole again, being listened to and being helped to find my 'happy place' again. Understanding my needs, becoming calmer and a better parent"


The support I received from Susan was outstanding and very caring. I was listened to and believed. It has helped me so much to put things in the right place and understand and know it wasn't my fault....

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