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Initially, I would offer you a 30-minute online or telephone call. This is not a therapy session, but an opportunity for you to ask any questions that may arise and for me to share my way of working. I hope this will help you to decide, before any commitment, if I am the right therapist for what you need. If we both feel comfortable and happy then we would arrange a time and day that suits both of us and an agreed form of contact. In-person therapy will take place in a purpose-created space, offering a calm environment with particular thoughts and attention to meet your needs. 


I offer short-term and long-term therapy in-person or online (individual therapy only).

For some, therapy may consist of being offered the time and space to be heard and responded to with understanding, without advice or judgment. However, it can also be an opportunity to gain insight and understanding from childhood that may be shaping your thoughts, feelings and behaviours today. 


At the heart of my practice is the importance of our therapeutic relationship. To nurture this relationship

I offer you a safe, honest and empathic environment, to be fully present with you and bring no assumptions. As human beings together, I understand we all experience difficulties at times in our lives, but as individuals, our needs may differ. My approach is integrative using more than one theory to inform my practice offering a tailored approach for you. I work alongside you, and together we consider your individual needs, and what you would like to address. The foundation of my work is relational alongside a somatic-informed approach integrating psychoeducation, mindfulness meditation, visualisation and Breathwork - led by and working with you to find 'wholeness'. 

I have worked closely with trauma (wounds of life) identifying the importance and value of being seen and heard. Within trauma, autonomy and trust have often been denied or abused. A survivor of trauma may shut down and deny themselves or become hypervigilant to protect their existence. Defence mechanisms may be used to provide the safety they need. However, over time this may become maladaptive and unhelpful, impacting both yourself and your relationships. The inner critic may develop, offering you no tenderness or understanding. Therapy brings an opportunity to gain an understanding of how you perceive your world, find the feelings that may have been stored in your body through unresolved issues/trauma and the safety to express emotions freely. The aim is to find yourself again and accept yourself through awareness and self-compassion. The healing comes from a non-judgemental, empathic and honest relationship where you are respected and met as you ‘are’, empowering you to explore your choices for change.

As a couple, there are many similarities to individual therapy in developing a good therapeutic relationship. I offer a dedicated safe space for sessions in person that respectfully values each person's needs, enabling all to be heard equally. There will be no judgment or presumption and an empathic approach will be given to all issues. I demonstrate transparency when corresponding and in session and encourage this in our work together. I integrate theory led by you as individuals, and as a couple, working with whatever you bring into our sessions tailoring this to your relationship needs. Unlike individual therapy, couples may be required to focus on working throughout the week with tasks to help make the most of their session time. I work with heterosexual and same-sex couples offering inclusivity. I work alongside couples beginning their relationship looking to explore issues before marriage or commitment in a safe environment. Furthermore, I work with established relationships that may come into difficulties along the way. I respect all human beings offering no discrimination and recognise that we all experience life through our perspectives. 

Individual Therapy: Initially, I offer a 50-minute assessment session/s to gain an understanding of you and your expectations of therapy. Following this, if we are still happy and it is appropriate to continue, we arrange a 50-minute or 60-minute session each week at an agreed time and day. This will be reviewed regularly to explore any changes and how you are experiencing our time together. 


Couples Therapy: There will be an initial assessment session of 1.5hrs as a couple, followed by an Individual session to gain an understanding of each perspective, then subsequent sessions of 60 minutes at an agreed time and day each week. There will be regular reviews to offer an opportunity to reflect on the sessions and what you need as a couple as well as individuals. 

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